My Story

My journey to where I am now

To tell you a bit about myself. My passion is helping people make a real difference in their life. I love listening to client’s stories and supporting client’s to make positive changes in their life. I am here to listen, understand and support my client’s with their high’s and low’s in life. I provide an empathetic and compassionate approach in my therapy room. I specialise in helping people who want to improve their life. I tailor my approach to fit each client’s individual needs. What may work for one client, may not work for another, so all therapy is bespoke. 


My journey in hypnotherapy started when I experienced how the therapy provided amazing results for myself. I decided that I would also like to help others to make a real difference in their life, just like how I benefited from the same. Before that I worked in law, practicing as a qualified lawyer partner working my way up from being a paralegal. I have also had many other client/customer facing roles in my earlier days. Working with client’s was always my favourite part of my previous roles and I decided that I wanted to help people in a different way. I use my skills acquired as a lawyer to build client rapport, have high listening skills and attention to detail and asking thought provoking questions to help you to get to the root of your issue and assist you. My sessions are very much client centric, welcoming and thought provoking. 


Please note that my hypnotherapy work is covered by the National Hypnotherapy Society and National Council for Hypnotherapy. I am fully insured to practice and have an enhanced DBS Check. I am open for therapy work either face to face and virtually.